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Controversies Surrounding an Ottawa School Board Trustee

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Controversies Surrounding an Ottawa School Board Trustee

Controversies Surrounding an Ottawa School Board Trustee

The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) trustee Donna Blackburn has been under the spotlight recently due to her controversial statements and actions. She has been the subject of two online petitions that call for her removal from the board. One petition is regarding her stance on masks and COVID-19 safety measures, while the other is related to her comments on the use of washrooms by trans students. This article delves into these controversies and their implications.

Mask Obsessed Stance

Donna Blackburn has been vocal about her opposition to the use of masks and other COVID-19 safety measures in schools. She has argued that masks are not necessary and that they can be harmful to children's health. Blackburn also criticized the board's decision to mandate vaccines for staff and students, calling it a violation of their rights. Her stance has been met with strong criticism from health experts, parents, and students.

According to a recent report by the Toronto Sun, thousands of people have signed a petition calling for Blackburn's removal from the board. The petitioners argue that Blackburn's anti-mask stance puts the safety and well-being of students and staff at risk. They also accuse her of spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories related to COVID-19.

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Trans Students' Use of Washrooms

Blackburn's comments on trans students' use of washrooms have also stirred controversy. During a board meeting in February 2022, Blackburn cut off a parent who was speaking in support of trans students' right to use washrooms that align with their gender identity. Blackburn interrupted the parent and told her that she was not allowed to speak about the issue as it was not on the agenda.

The incident sparked outrage among the LGBTQ+ community and their allies, who accused Blackburn of being transphobic and violating the parent's right to free speech. An online petition was launched calling for Blackburn's removal from the board, citing her discriminatory comments and behavior.


The controversies surrounding Blackburn have raised concerns about the role of school board trustees and their responsibilities towards students, staff, and the community. Some argue that Blackburn's statements and actions go against the board's commitment to creating a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all students.

The OCDSB has a responsibility to ensure that all students feel safe and supported in their schools. This includes implementing COVID-19 safety measures and supporting the rights of trans students. Blackburn's opposition to these measures undermines the board's efforts to create a safe and inclusive environment for all.

The controversies surrounding Donna Blackburn highlight the importance of responsible leadership in public institutions such as school boards. School board trustees have a critical role to play in ensuring that students' rights and well-being are protected. The controversies surrounding Blackburn suggest that her leadership has been less than effective in fulfilling this role.

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