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Tommy Wiseau's Big Shark: A Movie Trailer Review

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Tommy Wiseaus Big Shark A Movie Trailer Review

Tommy Wiseau's Big Shark: A Movie Trailer Review

Tommy Wiseau, the man behind the cult classic "The Room," is back with a new movie trailer for "Big Shark." As always, the trailer is strange, bizarre, and utterly confusing. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the "Big Shark" trailer and what we can expect from the film.

The Trailer

followed by shots of the ocean and a boat. The boat's captain is none other than Wiseau himself, who delivers a line that sets the tone for the rest of the trailer: "We're gonna have some fun!" Cut to a shot of a man in scuba gear being attacked by a shark, and then a shot of Wiseau holding a shotgun. The rest of the trailer is a mishmash of scenes that make little sense, including a woman in a bikini, a man getting hit by a car, and Wiseau shouting, "Hi, Mark!" (a reference to his infamous line in "The Room").

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What to Expect

Based on the trailer, it's hard to say what "Big Shark" is actually about. Wiseau has described it as a "dark comedy," but it's unclear where the comedy is supposed to come from. The trailer is filled with bizarre imagery and nonsensical dialogue, which could either be a deliberate attempt to be avant-garde or simply a result of Wiseau's questionable filmmaking skills. Either way, "Big Shark" is likely to be a polarizing film that will divide audiences.

The Legacy of "The Room"

Tommy Wiseau's previous film, "The Room," has become a cult classic for its unintentional hilarity and bizarre storytelling. Despite being panned by critics upon its release in 2003, the film has since gained a dedicated following and is often cited as one of the worst movies ever made. Wiseau has embraced the film's cult status and has continued to promote it through screenings and merchandise sales. "Big Shark" is likely to draw comparisons to "The Room," both in terms of its bizarre tone and Wiseau's involvement as a writer, director, and actor.

Final Thoughts

"Big Shark" is certainly an oddity, but it's hard to say whether it will be a good film or not. Wiseau has a reputation for making terrible movies, but he also has a dedicated fan base that will watch anything he puts out. Whether "Big Shark" will be a hit or a miss remains to be seen, but it's sure to be an interesting ride for those brave enough to watch it.

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