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Vanderpump Rules Stars Speak Out After Reunion Sparks Drama

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Vanderpump Rules Stars Speak Out After Reunion Sparks Drama

Vanderpump Rules Stars Speak Out After Reunion Sparks Drama

The cast of Vanderpump Rules is known for their drama both on and off the screen. After the recent reunion show, tensions have been running high between cast members, with accusations of cheating and shady behavior flying left and right. In this article, we will take a closer look at the fallout from the reunion and what some of the stars of the show have been saying in response.

Raquel Leviss Holds Tom Sandoval Accountable

One of the most talked-about moments from the reunion show was when Raquel Leviss confronted her boyfriend Tom Sandoval about his behavior. Leviss accused Sandoval of cheating on her with a fellow cast member, which he denied. However, Leviss was not satisfied with his response and called for him to be held accountable for his actions.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Leviss spoke about the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions. "I think it's really important to hold people accountable, especially when they're in a position of power," she said. "Tom has a lot of influence over the people around him, and it's important that he sets a good example."

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Ariana Madix Speaks Out Against Tom and Raquel

Not everyone on the cast was supportive of Leviss and her accusations. Ariana Madix, who is close friends with Sandoval, spoke out against Leviss and her behavior during the reunion show.

In an interview with Page Six, Madix said, "I think it's really unfortunate that Raquel would try to use this platform to air out her personal issues with Tom. It's not fair to him, and it's not fair to the rest of us who are just trying to have a good time and make a great show."

Madix went on to say that she believes Leviss is just trying to create drama for the sake of attention. "I think Raquel is just trying to stir up drama to stay relevant. She doesn't really have anything interesting going on in her life, so she's using this as a way to stay in the spotlight."

Tom Sandoval Denies Cheating Allegations

Of course, the person at the center of all this drama is Tom Sandoval. He has denied Leviss's accusations of cheating and has spoken out about how difficult it has been to deal with the fallout from the reunion show.

In an interview with PerthNow, Sandoval said, "It's been really tough to deal with all of this drama. I love Raquel, and I would never do anything to hurt her. I just wish we could move past all of this and focus on the positive things in our lives."

Sandoval went on to say that he believes the drama will eventually blow over and that he and Leviss will be able to move forward in their relationship.

The cast of Vanderpump Rules is no stranger to drama, and the recent reunion show was no exception. With accusations of cheating and shady behavior flying left and right, tensions have been running high between cast members.

Raquel Leviss has been vocal about holding Tom Sandoval accountable for his actions, while Ariana Madix has been critical of her behavior. Meanwhile, Sandoval has denied the cheating allegations and is hopeful that he and Leviss can move past the drama.

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