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Canadian Dollar Retreats from 9-Month High as Inflation Cools

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Canadian Dollar Retreats from 9-Month High as Inflation Cools


The Canadian dollar, which recently reached a nine-month high, has experienced a retreat as inflation in Canada has cooled down. This article will explore the factors behind the Canadian dollar's retreat, its impact on the forex market, and the analysis provided by financial institutions such as Scotiabank. Additionally, we will discuss the technical game-changer that has influenced the Canadian dollar's performance.

Canadian Dollar Retreats amid Cooling Inflation:

The Canadian dollar, often referred to as the loonie, has been on a strong upward trajectory in recent months, reaching a nine-month high against major currencies. However, the currency faced a retreat due to the cooling inflation in Canada. According to recent reports, the country's annual inflation rate fell to 2.8% in May, down from the previous month's 3.6%. This unexpected decline has led to a cautious approach by investors and a subsequent adjustment in their expectations.

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Scotiabank's Analysis on EUR/USD:

Financial institutions like Scotiabank provide valuable insights into currency movements. Regarding the EUR/USD pair, Scotiabank suggests that a move through 1.1010 could contribute to near-term momentum, potentially retesting the 1.1090 level. The consistent demand on minor dips below 1.27 for the GBP/USD pair is also viewed as a bullish sign by Scotiabank, indicating a positive outlook for the pound against the U.S. dollar.

USD/CAD Gains and Key Resistance:

Scotiabank's analysis extends to the USD/CAD pair, indicating potential gains and a retest of key resistance levels. The bank suggests that the USD/CAD gains could extend to retest the resistance zone of 1.3315-1.3325. This analysis highlights the dynamic nature of the currency market and the opportunities it presents for traders and investors.

Technical Game-Changer for CAD:

Apart from the fundamental factors affecting the Canadian dollar, there has been a notable technical game-changer that has influenced its performance. The recent surge in the Canadian dollar can be attributed to the break above the 1.24 level against the U.S. dollar, which has been identified as a significant resistance point. This break has not only bolstered the loonie but also signaled a potential shift in market sentiment.

The Canadian dollar's retreat from its nine-month high can be attributed to the cooling inflation in Canada, which has caused investors to reassess their expectations. Scotiabank's analysis on various currency pairs, including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/CAD, provides valuable insights into the near-term momentum and potential resistance levels. Additionally, the technical game-changer represented by the CAD's break above the 1.24 level against the USD has added further significance to the currency's performance.

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