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Epson Unveils Cutting-Edge Extreme Short Throw Laser Projectors at InfoComm 2023

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Epson Unveils Cutting-Edge Extreme Short Throw Laser Projectors at InfoComm 2023

Introduction: Epson, a renowned leader in projection technology, recently showcased its latest innovations in extreme short throw laser projectors at InfoComm 2023. The company introduced groundbreaking models like the Epson PowerLite 810E and the Epson BrightLink 770Fi, which offer exceptional image quality and interactive features. In this article, we will delve into the features and capabilities of these projectors, highlighting their significance in the realm of home entertainment and professional applications.

Epson PowerLite 810E: Revolutionizing Home Entertainment The Epson PowerLite 810E has garnered significant attention for its exceptional performance in home entertainment setups. This extreme short throw laser projector can be positioned as close as 1.4 feet from the screen while delivering a massive 120-inch diagonal image. The projector utilizes 3LCD technology, which ensures vibrant and accurate colors, making the viewing experience truly immersive. With 4K resolution and HDR10 support, the PowerLite 810E provides stunning visual quality, bringing movies, sports, and gaming to life.

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Epson BrightLink 770Fi: Interactive Projection Redefined Designed to enhance collaboration and engagement in educational and professional environments, the Epson BrightLink 770Fi offers an interactive ultra-short-throw solution. This projector combines ultra-bright 3LCD technology with fingertip interactivity, allowing users to interact directly with the projected content. The BrightLink 770Fi supports up to 100-inch diagonal images and features advanced connectivity options, including wireless projection and Miracast support, making it versatile and easy to use in various settings.

Epson's Breakthrough in Laser Projection Technology Epson has taken a leap forward in laser projection technology with its extreme short throw 4K laser displays. By incorporating a laser light source, these projectors offer enhanced brightness, color accuracy, and longevity compared to traditional lamp-based projectors. The 3LCD technology ensures sharp and clear images, free from the rainbow effect often associated with other projection technologies. Moreover, the extreme short throw capability allows for flexible installation, making them ideal for environments with limited space.

Impressive Collaboration with Salamander Designs In a collaborative effort, Epson and Salamander Designs introduced the first-ever Super UST MTR Credenza. This credenza combines the aesthetic appeal of furniture design with the functionality of an ultra-short-throw laser projector. The credenza houses the Epson projector, providing a sleek and integrated solution for corporate boardrooms and high-end home theaters. The Salamander Designs credenza complements the Epson projectors, offering a seamless and visually appealing installation option.

Epson's latest lineup of extreme short throw laser projectors, including the PowerLite 810E and the BrightLink 770Fi, present cutting-edge advancements in home entertainment and professional projection. These projectors boast features like 4K resolution, HDR10 support, interactivity, and laser technology, providing stunning visuals and flexibility in installation. With their remarkable performance and innovative designs, Epson continues to push the boundaries of projection technology, offering unparalleled experiences for consumers and professionals alike.

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