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Ranking the Easiest and Hardest Hitscan Heroes in Overwatch 2

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Ranking the Easiest and Hardest Hitscan Heroes in Overwatch 2

Introduction: Overwatch 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the popular team-based shooter game, Overwatch, is set to introduce a range of new heroes and gameplay changes. One important aspect of Overwatch 2 is the role of hitscan heroes, who rely on precise aiming and instant-hit projectiles to deal damage. In this article, we will rank the hitscan heroes in Overwatch 2 from easiest to learn to the most challenging.

  1. Tracer: Tracer, the time-manipulating hero, is often considered one of the easiest hitscan heroes to learn in Overwatch 2. With her Blink ability, Tracer can quickly maneuver around the battlefield, making her difficult to hit. Her dual pistols provide high mobility and burst damage, making her a formidable threat in the hands of skilled players.

  2. Soldier: 76: Soldier: 76, the classic offensive hero, is another hitscan hero that is relatively easy to pick up in Overwatch 2. With his automatic rifle, Soldier: 76 excels at medium-range combat and has a self-healing ability that can keep him in the fight longer. His ultimate, Tactical Visor, auto-locks onto enemies, making it easier to secure kills.

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  3. Ashe: Ashe, the gunslinger hero, combines hitscan and projectile abilities, making her a versatile choice in Overwatch 2. Her main weapon, the Viper rifle, is hitscan, allowing for precise shots, while her Dynamite and Coach Gun provide explosive options. Mastering Ashe's kit requires a good understanding of positioning and timing, but her skill ceiling is not as high as some other hitscan heroes.

  4. Widowmaker: Widowmaker, the lethal sniper, is one of the most challenging hitscan heroes to master in Overwatch 2. Her sniper rifle requires precision and excellent aim to secure kills from long distances. Widowmaker's grappling hook allows for quick repositioning, but her lack of mobility and reliance on headshots make her a high-risk, high-reward hero.

  5. McCree: McCree, the cowboy gunslinger, relies on hitscan shots to eliminate enemies in Overwatch 2. While his Peacekeeper revolver deals significant damage, it requires precise aim to be effective. McCree's Flashbang ability can stun enemies, setting up easy kills, but he lacks the mobility of some other hitscan heroes, making him more vulnerable.

In Overwatch 2, hitscan heroes play a crucial role in securing kills and controlling the battlefield. While heroes like Tracer and Soldier: 76 are relatively easier to learn, Widowmaker and McCree require exceptional aim and game sense to reach their full potential. Whether you prefer the fast-paced playstyle of Tracer or the precise sniping of Widowmaker, Overwatch 2 offers a range of hitscan heroes to suit different player preferences.

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