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Emerging Stars to Watch: Under-19s Origin

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Emerging Stars to Watch Under-19s Origin


The State of Origin series is one of the most highly anticipated events in rugby league, showcasing the best talent from New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland (QLD). While the senior Origin matches garner most of the attention, the Under-19s Origin games provide a platform for emerging stars to shine. In this article, we will explore the young players to watch in the upcoming Under-19s Origin matches, highlighting their skills and potential impact on the field.

Queensland's Rising Stars:

Queensland has a rich history of producing talented rugby league players, and the Under-19s Origin team is no exception. The QLD squad features several promising players who have already shown immense potential. One such player is Ethan Mooney, a dynamic halfback who possesses exceptional vision and playmaking skills. Mooney's ability to control the game and create opportunities for his teammates makes him a player to watch in the Under-19s Origin clash.

Another player to keep an eye on is Tama Malo, a powerful and agile prop. Malo's combination of strength and speed makes him a formidable force in the front row, capable of breaking through defensive lines and providing a solid foundation for his team. His performances in the lead-up to the Origin match have already turned heads, and he will undoubtedly be a key player for Queensland.

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New South Wales' Rising Stars:

New South Wales is renowned for its rugby league talent, and the NSW Under-19s squad is stacked with promising players. Tamale Tsougranis, a talented fullback, has been making waves with his exceptional speed and evasive running style. Tsougranis's ability to find gaps in the defense and his dazzling footwork make him a constant threat to opposing teams. His inclusion in the NSW squad adds excitement and flair to the upcoming Origin clash.

Another player to watch in the NSW team is Jordan Martin, a versatile second-row forward. Martin's athleticism and work rate make him a valuable asset on both ends of the field. He possesses strong ball-running skills, solid defensive capabilities, and exceptional offloading abilities, making him a complete package. Martin's contributions will be crucial in dictating the tempo of the game and providing leadership within the NSW team.

The Under-19s Origin: A Pathway to the NRL:

The Under-19s Origin match serves as a stepping stone for young players aspiring to reach the elite level of the National Rugby League (NRL). The exposure gained from competing in this prestigious event can open doors for these rising stars, attracting the attention of NRL scouts and potentially leading to professional contracts.

Several players from both teams have already signed NRL contracts or attracted interest from clubs. The likes of Ethan Mooney and Tamale Tsougranis have caught the eye of NRL recruiters with their outstanding performances, and it won't be long before they make their mark in the professional arena.

The Under-19s Origin match promises to be a showcase of the incredible talent that Australia's rugby league landscape has to offer. The players mentioned in this article are just a glimpse of the exciting prospects that will take to the field. Their skills, determination, and ambition will be on full display as they compete for state pride and the chance to pave their way to NRL stardom. Keep an eye out for these emerging stars as they embrace the Origin spirit and leave their mark on the game.

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