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Frustration and Setbacks for New Zealand SailGP Team

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Frustration and Setbacks for New Zealand SailGP Team

In the world of competitive sailing, the New Zealand SailGP team has been facing a series of challenges that have tested their resolve and determination. The team, led by the renowned skipper Peter Burling, recently found themselves in a difficult situation when they were awarded fifth place in an event they couldn't even compete in. This unexpected turn of events has left Burling and his crew venting their frustration and questioning the decisions made by the event organizers.

The Unfortunate Incident

The saga began when the New Zealand SailGP team arrived in Italy, eager to participate in the prestigious sailing event. However, their hopes were dashed when an incredibly scary wing collapse occurred during one of their practice sessions. The wing of their high-performance F50 catamaran, a critical component of their racing setup, suffered severe damage, rendering the team unable to compete safely.

The Call for Redress

Understandably, the New Zealand team called for redress, a process in competitive sailing that allows teams to request a remedy for unfair situations or actions beyond their control. In this case, the wing collapse was clearly a freak accident, and the team had no control over it. They sought a fair resolution from the event organizers, hoping to be awarded the points they would have earned if they had been able to compete.

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Organizers' Decision

However, the decision made by the event organizers left the Kiwi team frustrated and disheartened. Instead of awarding them the points they deserved, the organizers placed them in fifth place for the event, a decision that seemed unjust given the circumstances. Peter Burling and his crew were left questioning the logic behind this ruling, as it did not take into account the unforeseen nature of the wing collapse.

Emirates Great Britain Leads the Fleet

While the New Zealand team grappled with their disappointment, another team was making waves at the event. Emirates Great Britain emerged as the frontrunners, leading the fleet with exceptional performance. Their dominance on the water further highlighted the missed opportunity for the New Zealand team, who had the potential to challenge for the top spot had it not been for the wing collapse incident.

Frustration and Questions

Peter Burling, known for his composure and sportsmanship, expressed his frustration at the situation. He questioned the organizers' points decision, emphasizing the importance of fairness and equity in competitive sailing. Burling and his crew had put in countless hours of training and preparation for the event, only to see their efforts undermined by circumstances beyond their control.


The New Zealand SailGP team's journey in Italy was marred by an unfortunate wing collapse that prevented them from competing. Their call for redress was met with disappointment as they were awarded fifth place in the event. Meanwhile, Emirates Great Britain soared to the top of the fleet, highlighting the missed opportunity for the Kiwi team. Peter Burling and his crew's frustration is understandable, and their questions regarding the points decision are valid.

In the unpredictable world of competitive sailing, unforeseen incidents can change the course of events. However, it is essential for event organizers to uphold fairness and equity in their decisions, ensuring that all teams have a level playing field. The New Zealand SailGP team's determination to overcome setbacks like these is a testament to their sportsmanship and dedication to the sport.

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